Do you regularly ask yourself: “which foundation do I need?” Then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog we will explain which foundations suit your dark or colored skin.

When you buy foundation, it is important that you pay attention to whether the foundation suits your skin type. This seems logical, but it doesn’t always happen.

In the Netherlands, the use of a liquid foundation is very popular. This means that many people buy a liquid foundation. This is unfortunate, because often they are better off when they buy a different type of foundation.

There in this blog we will explain which foundation you can best buy when you have a :

  • oily skin,
  • combination skin
  • or a dry skin.

The right foundation for your skin type

Oily skin

If you have dark or colored skin, you can often suffer from oily skin. Most people with oily skin repeatedly buy a matte liquid foundation. Usually they think this is the only and best option. This is not the case. Fortunately, you have more foundation options if you have skin that shines very quickly.

In that case you can also use a powder foundation. This is a very good solution if you are looking for “shine control”.

Our Mimax Make-up Flawless compact powder has a special anti-shine formula and is available in 6 shades.

Tip: do you have very oily skin? Our cream foundation is also well suited for oily skin because of the matte powdery finish. For example, you can first use the cream foundation and afterwards the flawless compact powder for extra oil control.

Of course you can also use a liquid foundation if you prefer. We have special liquid foundations with oil control ingredients in our range. Especially for dark and tinted skin.

Combination skin

Do you have combination skin? In that case you can use all our foundations:

Instead of using a liquid foundation, you could consider using a cream foundation. What’s so great about cream a foundation?

You can use it on the slightly oily areas on your face, but also on the slightly drier skin around it. So a cream gives you the opportunity to be flexible. Also because you can build the coverage from slight coverage to full coverage.

For example, in winter you can dilute a cream foundation by mixing it with a moisturizing face cream.

Our Mimax Make-up cream foundations are available in 6 shades for dark and tinted skin. They have a silky smooth formula that, once applied to the skin, creates a matte and powdery finish.

Dry skin

When you have dry or mature skin, it is VERY important to moisturize your skin before applying foundation.

When you have dry skin, it’s all about hydration. In that case, it is also better to use a liquid foundation. For extra hydration, you can mix it with your favorite day cream.

The advantage of our Mimax Make-up liquid foundation is that you can easily build up the coverage. We have 5 shades that are suitable for dark and tinted skin.

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